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CWRC Celebrates Diversity

Racial Equity And Social Justice Resources

Educating ourselves and other is a critical component of combating systemic racism and ending inequality everywhere. There is a wealth of resources online for those who want to understand the past and preset of identity-based discrimination around the world and the reforms needed in our society.


Racism Has a Cost for Everyone How to Turn Moments into Momentum The Hill We Climb Want a More Just World? Be and Unlikely Ally Racism Thrives on Silence Speak Up It Takes a Community to Eradicate Hate To Transform Child Welfare, Take Race Out of the Equation Implicit Racial Bias Implicit Racial Bias We all have implicit biases. So what can we do about it? Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat and Higher Education Black History Month

BlackHistoryTedTalk The Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence During COVID-19 Compassion At the Dinner Table The Journey Through Loss and Grief Terrorism is a Failed Brand How to Ovecome Apathy and Find Your Power How to Start a Conversation About Suicide My Son was a Columbine Shooter: This is my Story 17 TedTalks for Kids to Inspire Little Minds to Do Big Things How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias How to Spot Human Trafficking Inelectual Disabilities


Coming Out of Your Closet We're All Hiding Something The Myth of the Gay Agenda Fifty Shades of Gay A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage A Short History of Trans People's Long Fight for Equality


` Addiction is a Disease. We Should Treat it Like One Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong

Foster Care: A Solution for Parentless Children Every Kid Needs a Champion The Story of a Girl How Adoption Worked for Me

Diversity Task Force Events

Raising Children of Color in Rural Prnnsylvania

Articles, Manuals, and Sites

LGBTQ Manual Indian Child Welfare Act Self-Assessment

Webinars and Podcasts

Addressing Disproportionate Suspensions of Black Children and Youth: Racelighting Addressing Disproportionate Suspensions of Black Children and Youth: Black Minds Matter Abc27 News story, Three Years in the Making: PA DHS Releases Racial Equity Report How we Partner with the Community to Improve Service Options How To Be An Inclusive Leader Where do we begin to pick up the pieces? Being Color Brave and Culturally Humble Being Color Brave and Culturally Humble Training Flyer Boldly Leading Anti-Racist Work Within the CT DCF Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Post-Adoption Services and Supports Taking Equity to Scale Intersectionality Matters Cultural and Linguistic Competency Webinar Addressing Unconscious Bias to Create an Inclusive System of Care Webinar CLC Webinar Understanding Social Media Bullying, Bias, and Microaggressions PA Care Partnership Culturally Responsive Systems of Care Often Engage The Family First Engaging Tribal Mothers with Tradition: Family First Action Opportunities for Culturally Relevant Prevention #BlackMen: Resourceful and Resilient in the Face of Adversity Ring the Alarm: A Mental Health Crisis of Black Youth A Conversation On Race Transition Planning Issues for Youth with Physical Disabilities: Webinar Guide

Race & COVID-19 Series:

Lessons from New Orleans: Race, Health, and COVID-19 Xenophobia and COVID-19: Strategies to Support Asian Communities Race, Police, and Unarmed Civilian Deaths: What Can Be Done?