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308: Adult Mental Health Issues

Workshop Directory Page

Pre-Work Letter
Pre-Work #1: Pre-Work Instructions
Pre-Work #2: Psychological Evaluation

PowerPoint Presentation

Handout #1: PowerPoint Presentation
Handout #2: Agenda and Learning Objectives
Handout #3: Commitments
Handout #4: The Role of the Child Welfare Professional
Handout #5: Behavioral Indicators of Depressive Disorder
Handout #6: Impact of Depression
Handout #7: Making Connections
Handout #8: Questions for the Sweden Family
Handout #9: Blank Eco-Maps
Handout #10: Velasquez Family Case Study
Handout #11: Parenting Domains
Handout #12: Psychological Evaluations
Handout #13: A Critical Look
Handout #14: My Training Goals
Handout #15: References

Poster 1: Abraham Lincoln
Poster 2: Lionel Aldridge
Poster 3: Leo Tolstoy
Poster 4: Winston Churchill
Poster 5: Vivien Leigh
Poster 6: Sylvia Plath
Poster 7: Patty Duke
Poster 8: Charles Dickens
Poster 9: Ernest Hemingway
Poster 10: Theodore Roosevelt
Poster 11: Ted Turner
Poster 12: Mike Wallace
Poster 13: Tracy Ullman
Poster 14: Brooke Shields
Poster 15: Michael Jackson
Poster 16: Cesar Chavez
Poster 17: Geronimo
Poster 18: Tina Turner
Poster 19: Bjork
Poster 20: Ozzie Ozborne

Trainer Resources
Results from the 2006 Survey of National Drug Use and Health
The Safety Assessment and Management Process Resource Manual

Training Room Resources
Mental Health Advanced Directives